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ImperiHome ID codes

ImperiHome generates ID codes that you pass on to your customers. Each ID code is unique and is used by your customers when creating their ImperiHome account to access the content you reserve for them.

Personalised content

An ID code corresponds to a contract that specifies the content accessible to your customers: choice of connected objects, choice of open data data and duration of service…

In addition, ImperiHome can integrate your own services or connected objects within the offer using your APIs.

Data privacy of your customers

ImperiHome is your GDPR compliant partner.

ImperiHome’s business is based solely on selling a service that allows your customers to manage their connected objects from different brands, access Smart City data and take full advantage of the application’s features.

The ImperiHome application is a native application that does not transfer any data related to the use of objects or services within ImperiHome servers. Its technology is “Privacy by Design”.