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ImperiHome®, your Smart City platform

ImperiHome centralizes the connected services of the Smart City. You select the daily data which are enriching your Smart Home: Urban mobility, air quality, energy meters… Your Smart Home get all the benefits of the Smart City.

Sources Content Country Cities / States Sample view
Environment, air quality & climat
Air Quality France Paris
Meteo Worldwide Any city
  • PM10
  • PM25
  • NO2
  • Ozone
  • AQI
  • AQI
  • 03
  • PM10
  • PM25
Central Canada
Eastern Canada
Western Canada
New York
Urban mobility
Bike sharing Spain Barcelona
Bike Sharing USA Chicago
Parking France Lyon
Electric charging stations Worldwide Any country
Parking France Rennes
Bike sharing France Rennes
  Bike France Paris
  Electric car France Paris
Bike USA New York
Bike sharing France Lyon
Bike sharing France Nice

Energy, utilities Coming soon

This list is updated on the Website at the end of each month, so it is not exhaustive.
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