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ImperiHome® does not transfer your data

ImperiHome applies the PRIVACY by DESIGN principle. This means that confidentiality is at the core of the design of our application. We take it very seriously that your smart home remains a private place, and to prevent data theft.

Whatever version of the application you use -free or premium- your personal habits will NEVER be transferred to third parties by ImperiHome. We sell a service that allows you to manage different brands of connected objects, not your data!

Reselling or exchanging your data has simply no place in our business model. Buying the PREMIUM version is a way to encourage a model which is respectful of your private life.

Your CRITICAL DATA do not leave your home

ImperiHome is a native application that receive data directly from your connected objects, without going through any external server.
Your critical data stays on your mobile devices using the ImperiHome app.
If you want, it is possible to back-up your dashboard settings on our secure server, in order to make multi-devices configuration easier.

Maison ImperiHome : privée & connectée

Only essential data are stored

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in force since May 2018, we only gather on our sever necessary data:

  • Mobile App platform: Android or iOS
  • Operating system use
  • Language used by the application
  • Web browser
  • Place of connection (Country and town if available)
  • Time zone
  • Login (E-mail)
  • Surname, Name
  • Password
  • Subscribed version

If you activate the backup option of your Dashboard, will we also save:

  • your Dashboard settings
  • the list of your activated brands

However, we never collect data from your connected objects (consumption habits, schedules, video recordings etc.) on our remote server.

For more details, read our Privacy Policy or contact our DPO (Data Protection Officer).

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